16 okt. 2015

Friday Freebie 5

It's time to post another Foarhinne Friday Freebie. I've got a lovely picture for you. The source of this  image is 'De Katholieke Illustratie', tweede jaargang, 's Hertogenbosch/Amsterdam, 1868-1869, page 28. Title: 'De zorgen des levens' (The worries of life). Right click on the images to download/save. Enjoy!

I made this .jpg picture with my Foarhinne Friday Freebie as a Goodbye to the last summer roses. 

.png file

.jpg file

.png file

3 okt. 2015

My very first video and junk journal


Yes, I'm back again. I have moved to another house this summer, so I have been very busy painting and decorating my new place and I did n't have as much time for crafting.
But now I 'm settled in I'm back on track!

Lately I'm quite into journaling. Here is my very first video with my first junkjournal. Please let me know what you think.