3 apr. 2015

Foarhinne Friday Freebie 1

To all vintage freebie lovers: from now on I will try to post each Friday of the week a new vintage image. Recently I bought three bound volumes of full year 'Katholieke Illustratie' dating 1868-1869, 1871-1872, 1873-1874. Those magazines are filled with exquisite illustrations and alpha. It will take a while to scan all the illustrations, I reckon there are at least 500 images to scan. It will be such a treasure for vintage scrapbooking!

Here is the first Foarhinne Friday Freebie. The source of the image is 'De Katholieke Illustratie', tweede jaargang, 's Hertogenbosch/Amsterdam, 1868-1869, pag. 1.  'Aan den Lezer' translates as 'To the reader'; 'Een blijde toekomst' as 'A happy future'.

All images are the original size. Right click to download/save.

Original color, .jpg file

In black, .jpg file

And a .png file

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