31 mrt. 2015

Spring is here! Three brand-new digital scrap design kits

Last year I joined Pixel Scrapper. I learned a lot already about digital scrapbooking by following the great tutorials and the forum on the site. Each month there are blogtrains on the forum, and this month (april) the theme is 'Reflections'. So I decided to have a go - my first time ever! - and design some of my own papers and overlays.
The colors prescribed by the blogtrain are so vibrant and they certainly have a spring feeling to it, so I decided to create papers and overlays reflecting on 'Spring is here!'.

My kits are for Personal Use only, you can download them as dropbox zipfiles and use the kits for your own scrapping purposes, e.g. making cards, or scrapbookpages. Perhaps you have another idea for using those images I created? Please let me know, I like creative ideas! :)



And to show you how you could use the papers and overlays I made a kit of two quickpages.



If you want to download them all, here is the link to the Bundle:

To all (pixel)scrappers: enjoy!

14 mrt. 2015

Pixel scrapper blogtrain april challenge

Since a few months I'm a follower of the Pixel scrapper blog. It's great fun to see new digital scrapbook designs and to have the possibility to download templates and elements for PU (personal use) or CU (commercial use) for free.
I discovered in the forum there were blogtrains going and I accepted the challenge to design my first kits of digital papers, overlays and quickpages.

According to the blogtrain rules the designs for april must be on this blog by april 1st, so you have to have some patience and wait for the opportunity to download the kits I will be making and posting here and on the Pixel Scrapper blogtrain forum.

These are the colors to be used in the Pixel Scrapper blogtrain april 2015. 'Reflections' on a spring theme for my design.

Here's a sneakpreview of the bundle I will be presenting april 1st.  (No joke!)

3 mrt. 2015

Tribute to a great grandmother: DIY

Would you like to make something like this? 

I made this wall decoration with a printed photocopy of my great grandmother (photo dates back to approx. 1900), a plate, plastic laces, glue, gesso, several (sparkling/metallic) acrylic paints, silk-, plastic and paper flowers, stamps and distress ink, acrylic varnish (gloss)

Let me show you how to do it:

I bought a cheap plastic plate (1 euro!) to make a wall decoration. Back home I glued 3 different kinds of plastic laces on top of it, after I had torn the lace in small pieces. I used Alleene's Original Tacky Glue (all purpose). 

Next I gave the plate a layer of gesso. The paint needed to dry,  so during that time I used photoshop elements to edit an vintage photo of my great grandmother and made a copy of her picture on my inkjet printer( use good quality photopaper e.g. Inkjet Premium Paper instant dry). I used glossy paper.

The fun part: adding color! Choose your own color combo.

Glue the copy of the vintage photo on the plate. Don't forget to protect your photo with another paper when you decide to add some more color or when you need to glue some things on the plate. I added roses and other little flowers as a sort of aureole around the vintage picture. The flowers were in different colors, so I used gesso to give them the same white coat of paint. I used the tacky glue again, but that was a little mistake. I needed a lot of patience and had to wait a long time for it to dry.  Next time I will use my glue gun for sure!

Here is a detail. Painting in progress! I also used some stamps in vintage style to decorate the center of the plate.

I gave the flowers several layers of paint. I could have left this like this, but I wanted to darken it bit more. Because of the vintage color of the photo, I decided to give the flowers a few extra layers of paint. I also colored the photo a little bit with distress ink (face)  and paint (dress).

Satisfied with the result of painting the flowers I gave the lace a bit of a rub with black distress ink (waterproof) and gave everything including the photo a layer of acrylic glossy varnish.
And this is the result! 

Now it's your turn to DIY! 
Enjoy and have fun!