22 feb. 2015

'Three girls in 1893'

In my digital photo archive I collect vintage family pictures. I normally use them to illustrate my family tree. But  sometimes I like to do something different with some of the pictures; especially when the photo reveals a story.

The photograph of my great grandmother and her two younger sisters was made in 1893, when one of her two brothers - only 15 years old - emigrated to the USA. He must have had a copy of this photo as a keepsake. My grandmother was only 12 years old; she wears a new dress in the fashion of 1893. There's  a large seam on the bottom so there would be enough cloth to alter the dress. She also wears her hair in an updo, which meant that she was already working as a maid. Hard times for such young girls!

I made this mixed media panel with gesso, acrylic paints, gel medium, laces, stamps and flowers. 

10 feb. 2015

'Brick by Brick'

Inspiration can be found everywhere! Lately I visited a late medieval tower and admired the pattern and colors of the stones.
Earlier I made a background in my art journal but did n't quite know how I would finish it. I then noticed that the colors resembled the pattern of the stones in the photo I made of the brick wall, and I decided to use the quote 'Brick by Brick' and 'Leave no stone unturned'.  Seemed appopriate to me!

This is my spread:

Late medieval stone wall: