22 dec. 2014

'Christmas dinner and candlelights'

Hi!  Don't you enjoy this time of year? It's so cosy at home when the lights in the Christmas tree are a glow and the radio is playing the familiar Christmas tunes again. I like to sing along, but don't know if my neighbours appreciate my singing.... Haha.
In the meantime I'm making a grocery list to start shopping tomorrow for the holidays ( a bit late, I know!) Anyway, I like to cook for my family when they come over for Christmas and I'm looking forward to being in their company. 

A few years ago I bought this vintage wafer drum - it must be approximately a 100 years old now. It's a bit damaged and rusty, but I like the winter decoration on it, especially the picture of the Christmas dinner in an era long ago. 
So I took a photo of it to use it for my digital scrapping.  And now it is a freebie for your scrapping purposes. Enjoy and have a very merry Christmas!

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