31 okt. 2014

'When hearts listen, angels sing'

It has been a while since I posted another page in my art journal, but finally I'm ready to show it to you.
First I made the background with at least two layers of gesso, gel medium on a piece of lace, and a lot of color to give the spread a very rich and golden gloss. I liked the result very much, but could not decide what words and pictures to use. So I did n't do anything to it for several weeks. My art journal was gathering dust on my desk....
But finally I had this idea, with this inspiring anonymous quote! Two nice vintage pictures of angels on the left page. Ofcourse I had to add a bit extra gold shimmering on the clothes and wings of the angels! On the other page I used an alpha stencil to write the quote 'When hearts listen, angels sing'.

Seems like I'm getting a bit in the Christmas spirit now the clock is turned back an hour, the autumnleaves are falling and I 'm developing ideas to create my Christmas cards of this  year....

19 okt. 2014

A 'butterflies and fairy' tag

Sweets for my sweet....

Do you collect empty candy tins or cardboard boxes? You can alter them with scrapbook paper and embellishments in to sweet little boxes. Don't they make nice gifts for your sweet friends?

Spaar je doosjes van blik of kokerdozen van karton? Je kunt  er met mooi papier en wat versierinkjes snoeperige doosjes van maken. Zijn het niet leuke presentjes voor je 'sweeties' ?

Sparrest ek fan dy lege blikken snoepdoaskes of kokerdoarzen fan karton? Kinst der mei moai papier en wat fersierinkjes snoeperige doaskes fan meisje. Binne it net moaie 'swiete' presintsjes?

I recycled some of empty 'Pringles' to make these altered boxes. Ofcourse I cleaned them first with a damp cloth! The scrapbook paper is by Maja Design.

Deze kokers maakte ik van lege 'Pringles' doosjes. Natuurlijk heb ik ze eerst schoongemaakt met een vochtige doek! Het scrapbook papier is overigens van Maja Design. 

Dizze kokers ha ik makke fan lege 'Pringles' kokers. Fansels ha 'k se earst skjin makke mei in damp doekje! It scrapbook papier komt fan Maja Design.