4 apr. 2014

'Study the past…'

Allthough I have been very busy this week, I still managed to spare some time to create two pages in my art journal. So glad I had a couple of pages prepared earlier by painting some backgrounds. Since I promised myself to do an art journal page every week,  I had to create something!  Anyway it is very relaxing.

This time I used a quote of Confucius: 'Study the past, if you would define the future'.  I chose a picture   of a painting of 'Megilla' by John William Godward, printed it with my inkjet printer and cut it to the size I wanted, printed another one and used that as an reflection of the first glued picture. It is as if the woman is gazing at herself in a mirror, thinking about the past or the future. It is possible both.

Enjoy your weekend! And if you 're in the Netherlands: it 's 'Museumweekend'!

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